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Swinnet IT Services Pvt Ltd was formed in Jan 07, 2019 as an Organization to be a Service Provider in BPO & IT Enabled Services.

We pledge to provide BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) services of the highest professional standards to our clients in order to contribute to the quality and efficiency of the BPO industry. We pledge to deal with our clients with the highest standard of integrity and honesty, and to communicate clearly our standards for protection of confidentiality, quality of Productivity. We pledge to follow the highest ethical principles and procedures in relationships with our colleagues in the industry. We pledge to achieve and maintain the highest attainable levels of professional competence in BPO & ITes related business.

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Our Call Center Agents can conduct a methodical survey with people using a questionnaire script. The survey can help you precisely determine the levels of customer satisfaction.


Website Developing

We create all types of websites with minimum amount of time. We create based on the customer requirement.You can easily customize your website.


Web Applications

We create all billing softwares online and also we create all web applications. All applications are customized one so you can select the packages you want and discard the unwanted packages.

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Sunil Kumar

Founder and CEO

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